Links Worth Sharing: Emotions, The Best Way to Work Out, Working Conditions, and more!

Ask Well: Weights Before Cardio? via the New York Times

Although the science says one thing, I imagine that there are individual differences here as well based on perceived fatigue. “Many dedicated gym-goers have heard that aerobic and resistance-style exercise should not be combined in a single workout; or if they are, that one or the other must come first. The theory behind these claims is that each form of exercise interferes, physiologically, with the other, potentially blunting the desired training effects.”

On Emotions via Adam Hocke Yoga

Emotions. I have a lot of them! Especially right now, starting school and settling in Seattle. So much of this article really resonated with me.  “I think we’ve all been there in some way or another. When the path before us seems too rocky, and the choices we face seem too difficult to make, that instead we put on the proverbial pyjamas, turn on the telly, and call it a day.”

“Adulthood” Is a Myth via A Practical Wedding

More on adulthood from APW this week. I definitely struggle with having “adult” responsibilities but wondering when I’ll actually feel like a grown up. “But then sometimes, when I’ve done a ton of laundry and it’s all piled on the bed waiting to be folded and I’m just too tired, I’ll convince Nick that we can just push it to the bottom of the bed and deal with it in the morning. As I drift off to sleep, curled in a tiny ball at the top of the bed, I wonder, is this something other grown-ups are doing? Do other grown-ups have scrambled eggs and Pinot Grigio for dinner, three nights in a row? Do most adults have to reset their password to pay their student loans every. single. month. because they don’t want to write it down, and at this point they’ve reset it so many times that the only new passwords they can come up with are gibberish that they have no hope of remembering again in thirty days?”

Cleaning House with Jenny via APW via The Billfold

A great, honest piece on how it can feel both so helpful and so weird to have someone clean your house, and how to navigate it both practically and emotionally. “As predicted the idea of another person cleaning up our mess filled Dustin with deep shame so he was like, “Oh god she’s coming at 3? I have to get out of here.” I debated asking him to just do the rest of the dishes, even though all of this was a predicament of my own making, but I decided against it. After all, I’d made my bed, I should…stand by while someone else made my bed? :(“

Blues on Wheels via The Morning News

I had no idea working conditions for carriers were like this and this article was really eye opening. “The CCA position, akin to a contract letter-carrier, was created in 2013 to save the USPS money and shift higher-paid transitional employees (TEs) into lower-paying jobs. Or, as one district supervisor screamed at me: “YOU EXIST TO REDUCE OVERTIME.” TEs, who were making over $20 an hour—with no benefits, no retirement, and no path to becoming a “regular”—had a short window to either take a $5 per hour pay cut and become a CCA, with the promise of making regular in the vaguely defined near future, or quit.”


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