Links Worth Sharing: Yoga and Eating Disorders, The Reality of Food Waste, Resources for Homesteaders and More!

The Truth About Yoga and Eating Disorders from Yoga Journal via Choosing Raw

I’m glad this is being talked about. While yoga may be a great modality for mind/body healing, it isn’t foolproof. “And while a practice that encourages a mind-body connection and self-awareness might seem like the last place to find fuel for disordered eating, a study in the International Journal of Eating Disorders found yoga students to be at equal or greater risk than the general population. “We can’t say whether yoga hurts or helps, but I think that some people who are dealing with disordered eating and body dissatisfaction are attracted to yoga because they’re looking for an answer,” says study author Dianne Neumark-Sztainer, PhD, who researches body image and eating disorders at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health.”

Homesteading for Beginners via {never} homemaker

I would love to learn some of these skills and this is a great list of resources from my friend Ashley’s blog. “Plus, many of the projects we’ve been involved with have helped us save money all while catering better to our family’s specific needs. We’ve created all our own green cleaning supplies, for example, and they are certainly healthier and safer than even the most “natural” store-bought alternative. With each new idea or project, we learn something useful for the future.”

Uncovering America’s Food Waste Fiasco via Civil Eats

I’ve always wanted to dumpster dive, but these pictures show the extent of the problem of food waste. “I’ve learned that I can roll up in nearly any city in the U.S. and collect enough food in one night to feed hundreds of people. While millions of children are too hungry to concentrate in school, perfectly safe food is filling dumpsters across the country. I’m not going to stand for that and I know you won’t either.” 

Celiac Disease, a Common, but Elusive, Diagnosis via The NY Times

“But even in the most sophisticated medical settings, the diagnosis can be missed or the tests done incorrectly. Over four days in a local hospital, Daniel’s doctors performed an intestinal biopsy. But only two samples were taken, which missed the severe damage in his small intestine.”

When Gluten Sensitivity Isn’t Celiac Disease via The NY Times

“Recent studies have strongly suggested that many, and possibly most, people who react badly to gluten may have a more challenging problem: sensitivity to a long list of foods containing certain carbohydrates.”

It appears that whether it’s auto immune or not, we may be becoming more sensitive to gluten. It appears that FODMAPS may also play a role. Interesting stuff!


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